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Cargo Handling
My cargo cannot be located – what now?
You will need to ask the shipper to lodge a claim with the airline that carried your goods. All shipments by air are covered under international law and the Air waybill forms this contract.
How do I get my cargo?
You will need to appoint a registered clearing agent as Customs will only deal with known agents. As an independent company Aviance can work with any of the registered agencies.
How do I know my cargo has arrived?
Aviance will contact the consignee using the information on the Air waybill. It is important that you make sure the shipper has done this.
How do I know that my consignment has arrived in Accra, Ghana?
All consignors are advised through telephone, fax, email or postal mail (whichever contact details is provided on Airway bill) on arrival of their consignment. Without full contact details of the consignor, Aviance Ghana Limited is unable to advise when the consignment arrives.
How much do I have to pay as Handling charges?
Import cargo charges are based on the weight of the consignment and how long we have provided storage and security for your goods. The first 4 days storage will be provided free of charge and no charge for Sundays in order to allow adequate time for Customs approvals and necessary clearance documentation. Unfortunately Aviance Ghana is unable to deal directly with the consignee as all clearances must be undertaken through an approved clearing agency who will present the customer with the final charge sheet.
What are your underlying handling charges?
These vary depending on the maximum takeoff weight of the aircraft, the group into which the aircraft falls, time of operation and volume of flights. If you would like a proposal please email to: <a href="mailto:paulcraig@avianceghana.com?subject=Enquiry">paulcraig@avianceghana.com</a> giving full details of the proposed operation and the services required. All contracts are issued under the AHM810 2004.
How do I trace my lost baggage?
All lost bags are entered into the Worldtracer system and you will receive a unique tracking number. You may send an email to our lost and found department on findmybag@avianceghana.com
How do I apply for a job with Aviance Ghana?
Contact the personnel department and ask for an application form
What is the security situation as regards cargo at the Transit Shed?
Aviance Ghana has invested heavily in providing all of our cargo customers with a 'safe as possible' environment. We employ Magnum Force Security who are fully approved by Ghana Airport Company Ltd. and a high tech Pelco CCTV system which is on duty 24/7.